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Celebrating in heaven…

Today would have been my mom and dad’s 60th wedding anniversary. My mother had to celebrate what would have been their 50th without my father. Now they are together for this one. So…

Happy 60th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

I’m trying not to miss you (too much) because I know you are together.

8 thoughts on “Celebrating in heaven…

  1. My folks managed to see 50 years of marriage on THIS plane of existence. In February 2012 it will/would have been 60 years for them. If they have parties in heaven I'm sure my folks are raising a glass to yours.

  2. What is even more wonderful to imagine is that someday we will see our parents and loved ones again! My Mom has been gone for 22 years now and my Dad for 12, but I miss them everyday.

  3. The pictures are wonderful. Happy 60th to your folks in heaven. Like you said, it's nice to know they're celebrating it together. I know you miss them a lot. 🙂

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