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July 11, 2017


Is it so bad to want to simply my life as much as my life will allow? I don’t think so. I’m going to revisit ways I’m simplifying my life now and then, but to keep my entries from being long and drawn out…I’ll try to keep it simple. Focus on one topic at a time. 

I love to read, but have found that I just can’t stay focused on the read-to-learn type of books that I’d always loved so much. I’ve decided that any reading is better than no reading, so I’ve taken to reading books that don’t require much effort on my part. Ones that I’ll still enjoy though (will take any suggestions anyone has to offer).  Taking the advice of a nurse that Ben sees, I’ve read my first John Grisham novel and also one by Nicholas Sparks (I don’t think I’ve read any by him either). I’m trying to sneak some learnin’ materials in there too, but I feel better just reading. It’s exercise for my brain no matter how simple. 


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