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July 8, 2017

So, we bought this bike for Ben last Easter. It has a high back with a headrest and shoulder harness so he could be strapped in, but it didn’t work at all. He had no head and trunk control and it was hard to get his feet to stay on the foot plate, even if we strapped them on and the seat is at an angle making it harder to position him. It was just uncomfortable and not fun at all. Sadly, we put the bike away. 

Fast forward to almost a year and a half later. Ben is working so hard on his head and trunk control and his legs are long enough for his feet to reach the pedals. Maybe, with some brainstorming, the bike will work. Having that pedal action will greatly complement all the work that is going into teaching his brain and body to make the walking motion. So out the bike comes once again. This boy has grown a ton in a year. His head doesn’t fit on the headrest anymore. His momma brainstorms and tries some things out and we get this:

So, add a go to seat which Ben has had since he was a baby. It wasn’t working for him for a while and now he’s pretty much grown out of it. It cost (I think) $200-$300. It’s a two person job to hold him in and buckle him.  Thankfully, the collar was covered by insurance as are his AFOs (leg braces). She coban taped his hands and feet to the handlebars and pedals. Then we discover that the pedals only move if he pedals them, which of course he’s not able to do at this time. That kind of defeats the purpose of the whole thing, but he did really seem to enjoy riding his bike though. 

Now we begin the process of saving for (the cost will be over $2000) and finding a special bike for Ben. 

I never thought to appreciate the few dollars we had to spend on bikes for our kids and the fact that, with a little learning, they were able to hop on and ride. It takes so much time and effort to help Ben enjoy these simple childhood pleasures. And the fact that you add the words “special needs” to the title of anything adds so much to the prices that it’s often way out of our price range. 

Appreciate the simple pleasures, even those that aren’t so simple. 


3 thoughts on “July 8, 2017

  1. Alex had hours of fun, and got some really great exercise, riding a Rifton bike that I bought him when he was little, long before he was a functional walker. It was pretty expensive, and that was with far fewer supports than Ben would need. But it was worth every penny. Good luck with your search for something that works for Ben. If anyone can find it, it willl be you guys!

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