Poetry Wednesday

For some reason this is stuck in my head…


Seize the Weekend

Jim and I seized last weekend. We took what we could get and the gettin’ was near perfect.

We left Friday afternoon and headed up to Jim’s family cabin. Just Jim, me and Duke. We had to meet a customer on the way and since it was nowhere near the expressway Jim decided to take the scenic route for most of the trip north. We arrived about 10pm and settled in for the night.

I lazily resisted the urge to get up early on Saturday and that set the stage for the rest of the day. We left the cabin three times on Saturday. We went to town for breakfast and back to pick up something to cook up for dinner, and we walked down to visit some friends who were up spending a long weekend at their cabin down the road.

In between, we sat outside on the bench swing and read with this view to gaze upon in between pages:
0928131137It was a little chilly and eventually we headed back in for a snack and I decided to curl up under the blankets and take a nap. A few minutes later I could hear snoring sounds coming from the living room and knew that Jim had fallen asleep in his favorite recliner. We both had nice little snoozes.

It had warmed up a little so we decided to take some chairs and go sit on the dock and read a bit more. This was our view:
I think it was just what we both needed. A day to unwind. A day with no plans. A day with the peace and tranquility that comes with being up north.

Although we weren’t able to spend as much time with our friends as we would have liked, we were happy to know that they were enjoying their time at their cabin. They truly needed the getaway.

Sunday morning Jim and I were cleaning the cabin and getting packed up. Northern Michigan has some great radio stations and as I was getting our things packed up Jim turned the radio and this song was playing:

I have carried that song through this week which has not been the kind of week you would want to have after enjoying such a wonderful weekend. But then again maybe the wonderful weekend has helped carry us through the not so wonderful week.

You Are My Sunshine

This – You Are My Sunshine – was my mother’s song for her grandchildren. Many times she sang it to her grandchildren and was able to sing it to almost all of her great grandchildren. It holds a very special meaning in our family.

Now that my daughter has a foster son who is with her indefinitely, I’ve been thinking about my mother a lot more. She would have loved another little one to sing her special song to. Jamie has a picture at the top of her stairs. It’s a big sun and says “You are My Sunshine”. When I was babysitting last week and the little guy and I were headed upstairs to get ready for his nap, he pointed to it and said “Boat”! He loves boats and must have thought the blue background was water. I told him that it was the sun and I sang that special song to him…

In looking for a version of this to share here, I found Johnny Cash (with and without June Carter Cash or Bob Dylan) and Ray Charles and Anne Murray and people I’d never heard of and children and babies. Then I came across this and I know of a couple of my mom’s grandkids that would get a kick out of it so that is the reason for my choice out of so many options.

Poems, Quotes and Songs

Yesterday was rainy and it’s supposed to be rainy off and on all week.  This song was running through my head all day. That’s okay though. I loved it way back when it came out and I still do.

I Love A Rainy Night – Eddie Rabbit


*Added at 8am. Apparently it stormed last night. Jim and I missed this. The odd thing is we both were up several times last night and I opened the window at 2am because it was so stuffy and hot in the  house. Still we heard nothing. *sigh* I used to wake up at the slightest little sound in the house. Until I reached my 40s. Yeah. Weird.

Poems and Quotes and Songs

I’ve changed this up a bit. A little tired of finding a poem every week, I am. I love motivational quotes and I think songs are sometimes poetry and certainly music is the keeper of many memories.

So, I dedicate this to my sister Teri and her husband Bill. Yesterday was their wedding anniversary and Bill is in the hospital. I may be wrong, but I think at one time this was “their song”. If I’m mistaken then it simply reminds me of the time they were dating and planning their wedding.

Teri and Bill, this one’s for the two of you. I pray that you are blessed with many more happy and healthy years to celebrate together.


Verse Day – Roll Me Away

I’m going to try to get back into a regular blogging schedule now that the month of April and the A to Z Challenge have ended.

Wednesday is Verse Day, the day that I like to share a poem or, once in a while, a song. Because when you think about it many songs are poetry.

This one has been running through my head. I love it when a song has a Michigan connection. Bob Seger. He’s a Michigan connection himself. I saw him in concert in 1977 and 2011. Sounded great both times. This has become my favorite song of his…