Monday Musings

For the most part, the past week has been…a downer. I hesitate to complain. I know I have so much less to complain about than others. But the truth is, I can’t be happy all of the time. Sometimes we hit a real bumpy road. Now, I can handle bumps, I’m tough. But bumpity-bumpity? That’s tough to take. And when the bumpy road involves the people you love most in the world, it totally messes with your own life. You want to fix it…but can’t.

Maybe part of the problem is winter doldrums. I’m so tired of winter and I know it’s probably far from over. We got more snow over the weekend and it was -4 when I got up this morning. However much I’m complaining about it though, the view outside my window is simply lovely. Here…I’ll share it with you:
photo (22)The wind has been non existent and the snow still sits on each tree branch. It makes a lovely picture, don’t you think?

I took this one late yesterday when I went to take care of my chickens.
0202141610The fence in the lower right is attached to our henhouse and that is our property and our woods. I love trees. They give us the gift of beauty and tranquility and serenity. And the best is that the gifts change with every season.

Thank you, trees. I feel better already.


Monday Musings (on Tuesday)

A day late…I know.

I was actually home for most of yesterday too.

I got up yesterday morning and was getting ready to start my day, which I always do before I turn on the tv or get online. So I was surprised when Jamie texted telling me I could go back to bed. The training she was supposed to go to was canceled, as was school at both her district and the district her little guy attends. Well, alrighty then. I crawled back into bed. I mean, who am I to argue? I dozed off and on, but finally decided that I needed to get up and go get my grocery shopping done before Jim left to go to a meeting (and taking our car). Jim suggested that if he went with me that I could take him to breakfast. Again…who am I to argue? Grocery shopping done, half a veggie omelet to start the day (I always save half for Duke), Jim gone to a meeting, and a closet needing some organization. 

Well, half a closet. The other half will get done today because once again schools are canceled and I have a day free from babysitting. I found a whole box of unread books. I wondered what happened to them and thought I must have accidentally given them away. Logic would tell you that I should go ahead and get rid of them since I didn’t even know I had them. Nope. They went back in the closet with the hope that I will not forget them when I’m in need of something to read.

And I found a box of Laura Ingalls Wilder-related books. It contains some of the pre-Little House books that I have set aside for when I have grandchildren and some duplicates of books I already have. I thought it was out in our shop attic. Now I’m wondering if I have a whole ‘nother box of Laura Ingalls Wilder-related books out in the shop attic too. Yikes. This is all besides the LIW-related books that I have on my bookshelves. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more aware of boxes of stuff just packed away that my husband and kids will have to go through after I’m gone. I’m trying to avoid that as much as possible. There are two LIW-related topics that I hope to do some more research/learning about and I think that everything else, except for special items and souvenirs, will be passed on to those who might like them. This will be an ongoing project.

I’ve been writing this post, with several interruptions, for about three hours and have yet to start on that second half of the closet. I should probably quit putting it off.

One last thing about the closet. I also went through a couple of files and boxes and organized them into one file box. It’s one little sub-chapter of a chapter of my life that I’m putting behind me. I was a little sad about it, but with some new realizations I really know that I made the right decision. After all, I didn’t put the WHOLE chapter behind me so it’ll still make me happy. Just in a different way.

Okay…I’m not putting it off any longer. I’m going back in!

Have a nice day. Stay warm. Or not (if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying better weather than we are). Be happy. Have a good attitude. Believe me, it helps.



Monday Musings – Jan. 20, 2014

Not a lot happening during this cold January. I thought I was coming down with some bug, but I would only feel ill in the evening. Chills and no fever. Go ahead and call me weird. I was a little worried last night because it was Downton Abbey night (it’s a big night in my world!) and I wanted to be able to watch it through to the end without crawling into bed and falling asleep under five blankets. But, yay, last night I felt just fine and even ended up watching Sherlock, another favorite of mine. All of my favorite programs are on PBS. Go ahead and call me weird.

This morning I’m not feeling so great so dragging. A certain three-year-old will keep me hopping after he comes from school and has his lunch and nap. Hopefully I’ll be feeling hunky dory by then!

Looks like we’ll be (not) enjoying another bout with the deep freeze weather again this week. From what I’ve heard, we’ve reached our high (as I type this at 11ish am) and the temps just fall from here. I’m anxiously awaiting the first day of spring. The weather won’t necessarily change with the change of season, but at least there will be the hope that the temps will start rising.

Our minds are turning to preparation for our convention in a few weeks. Jim and I will complete our second (and last) year as convention chairs. It’s always a good way to learn what’s happening in our industry and see friends that we rarely get to see since we’re all spread across the state.

So…is anything exciting happening in your neck of the woods?


Monday Musings – Jan. 6, 2014

Feels weird writing 2014…

So how many are snowed in? We got quite a bit of snow yesterday and through the night, but it had stopped by the time I woke up this morning. We live on a main road and the county road commission stayed on top of things so our road is clear even though you will be driving on ice and packed snow. Those plow and salt truck drivers worked (and are continuing to)  hard. Knowing that the temps would be dropping drastically after the snowstorm which makes salt ineffective, they tried to keep up with the things so our roads would be driveable. So kudos to the road commission!

Jim was out plowing here at our place for two hours. We don’t just have a driveway, we have a circle driveway and another driveway on our property next door. We have a huge yard for our business that needs to be cleared. He has to be able to get the work trucks out. And if he doesn’t clear it away now, it’ll freeze hard and the job will be that much more difficult. Might as well do the job right the first time. Plus, he plowed part of our neighbor’s (our rental) driveway. He came in for a nice hot bowl of oatmeal before he headed over to our son’s house to plow his driveway so at least Jon won’t have to worry about that when he gets home from work tonight. After all this, Jim will do any service calls that need doing. Business is slow, though, so that’s a good time to spend some time in the shop doing the many needed repairs.

I thought about going out and taking pictures before he started plowing, but honestly…it’s cold out there and I’m not that dedicated a photographer. If I have to go out later, maybe I’ll take some.

First day of school back from Christmas break was cancelled all over our area and beyond. Some of the schools are even cancelled tomorrow because of the back roads and cold that is predicted. Not my daughter’s district though. We’ll see. I was ready to get back into the swing of things. I’ve missed our little guy, but I’m sure he’s not complaining about the extra day home!

I’ve done a lot of thinking the past few days. This is what happens when I don’t have a three-year-old here to occupy me. I’ll save those thoughts for another day.

And…here ya go! I stood up and took a picture from my office window. It’s not very good (through the window and screen) and not very flattering. But that there is part of our backyard. And the little red house? That’s where my three chickens, who are feeling their age, are all cozy with their heat lamp and heated waterer, plenty of food and lots of bedding. They don’t like to venture out far, if at all, this winter.

photo (11)

Monday, 6-17-13

Do you sometimes wake up and you know it’s going to be a cranky day? Yeah, me too.


I woke up too early and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Instead of just getting up and doing something, I stayed in bed to try to go back to sleep. Now I have a headache and absolutely no motivation. I’m pretty sure Jim is going to have to finish up a tough job I helped him start on Friday and I’ll more than likely be helping (those mosquitoes better know better than to mess with me!). I’m annoyed at tv commercials, but am too lazy to shut the thing off. I don’t care what Kim and Kanye named their baby. And I don’t care where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.  Ugh.

However, the weather is beautiful. And I just talked to a super polite customer. My dog is cute. And my husband has way more patience than I sometimes deserve. So I think things are trying to balance themselves out.

How is your Monday going so far? I’m going to go accomplish something. That always makes the day better.

Monday Musings – 6/10/13

We’ve had a few jobs in Emmett lately. It’s farther than we used to travel, but the economy and times have changed (and well drillers retire or pass away with not as many new ones to replace them). We travel further for jobs these days.

I lived in Emmett for a couple of years in the late 70s. All it took was a couple of years to both fulfill a dream and throw it away.

I was 15 when we settled into our new life “in the country” where I would start anew, have a horse farm, make some new horsey friends. I doggedly pursued that dream too.
But things quickly fell apart. I’ll never really know why I let it happen, but I changed. That change lead me to a young marriage and a teenage pregnancy (in that order). It also lead to a … bad marriage. A marriage that I was smart enough to leave before it got worse. I ended up having to give up my horses. It was time to grow up and I wasn’t in a position to include horses in that new grown-up life.

Sometimes I look back on that time with lots of regret for how horribly I had ruined it all and how deeply I had hurt my parents. My parents forgave me long long ago, but it took much longer for me to forgive myself.

Last week I found myself in my old neighborhood after dropping Jim off a few miles away from where I once lived. Instead of heading home, I decided to drive past the old homestead. Things have changed.

The farm field there to the left – it was fenced in and was part of a dairy farm when we lived there. Often the cows would escape. They once ate our entire garden…except for my dad’s hot peppers. Anyhow the cows are gone and crops are being grown now. Our old house is just on the other side of the trees. I didn’t want to stop and take pictures in front of the house. But I could see our old garage that my dad and I had converted into a little barn. It’s there close to the road!


I’m surprised it’s still standing. There was a newer garage just to the left of the barn that housed our hay, straw, and special blend of horse feed. Oh! The smell of it all was glorious! How I long to hear again the soft nicker from my horse greeting me early in the morning. Or the louder whinny of one who was a little impatient for breakfast. Oh! How I miss it all!


I turned around and drove past another time slowly with those memories, both good and bad, floating around in my head. And tears welling up and overflowing. I drove on, so  many thoughts and some regrets, but a lot of good memories that I will hold onto forever. I need to hold onto those memories!

Then I came back to the road where I had dropped Jim off and he was just pulling out onto the main road to head home. I was right behind him as he drove along and then as we stopped for a train that was halted on the tracks I could see him looking into the side view mirror wondering why I was now behind him when I had dropped him off and headed home a good little while earlier.

He may have thought I stopped here for some new shoes. This place is next to a gas station in Emmett. It wasn’t around when I lived in the area.

2012 125

I followed him home and thought of how I had traveled down a rough road for a time. I have regrets for some of the things that I did, but I can have no regrets for the journey itself because I ended up with blessings for which I am forever thankful. And that journey lead me to exactly where I was meant to be…


Monday Musings – 6/3/13

Well, my self-imposed facebook break didn’t exactly last the whole weekend. Why, you ask? Because I actually finished what I wanted to focus my attention on in half the time that I allotted for myself. See what  happens when you set your mind to it? Now to keep up the momentum. I’m making a point not to leave facebook open on my computer. It’s off my list of favorites so it’s not a simple click to get in. I love that my friend Melanie suggested it. Great minds must think alike because I had just done that very thing! It’s easier to resist the urge when it’s not a simple click.

Yesterday morning I woke out of a sound sleep at a little past 5 because Jim’s phone had twertled the noise it makes when he has a missed call. I thought it strange and a little more than annoying until I remembered that his mother sometimes calls his cell. Then I worried because she would never be up at that hour normally, let alone calling Jim, unless something was wrong. So in the space of just a minute, I had myself worried into a tither. I got up and put on my glasses, dug Jim’s phone out of  his jeans pocket and found…nothing. No missed calls at all. Now last week we slept through an apparently very loud storm, but a non-existent twertle wakes me out of a sound sleep. Go figure…

And so after crawling back into bed and forcing myself back to sleep, I think I must have slept very soundly because I did not wake back up at 7 to get ready for church. I woke up at 8:07. Mass is at 8:30. We didn’t make it. Jim decided he would make me breakfast. Out at the lodge. I’ll tell you about the lodge sometime if you don’t know, but it’s a little three room getaway out in our woods. That’s where my wood cookstove ended up. And Jim did cook me breakfast.

There's Jim and my stove all installed. He thinks that if it's in the lodge then I'll spend more time out there. That line of thought didn't really work out when he built me my own outhouse either. :)

There’s Jim and my stove all installed. He thinks that if it’s in the lodge then I’ll spend more time out there. That line of thought didn’t really work out when he built me my own outhouse either. 🙂

Last week turned out to be pretty busy. Business was busy, Jim was busy, and that means I was busy. Not just work, but other things kept me hopping. I like to be hopping.

I think this week may be more of the same!