Happy 4th?

Duke here.

The 4th of July isn’t happy for me and many of my canine friends. My mom and dad like fireworks, but they haven’t lit any off in the past couple of years which I’m sure is because it upsets me so. It doesn’t stop our neighbors though.

Last night all the booming ended at 11 and we all headed to bed. I didn’t feel too awfully stressed because my thundershirt helps me feel more secure, but I don’t like listening to that loud booming.

We were all drifting off to sleep when…BOOM!

Our neighbors. 11:30 at night. Not happy. This went on for half an hour. We don’t have air conditioning and it was too hot to close the window so I left and went to the office at the other end of the house till the noise stopped. Luckily it quit at midnight.

And we could all finally sleep.

Because sleep is important to me.

I remember that last year, with another neighbor it was much worse and went on much later, but then…the weekend is still ahead of us. This is not my favorite time of year…

Duker-day...and nothing much



Happy 4th!

How are y’all celebrating?

Jim is off to paint the nursery at Jamie’s house. I’ll share about that another day.

Then we will cook out. Simple stuff. Burgers, maybe some pasta salad (I should get on that!). I don’t even know if the kids are coming over. They apparently are not committing to plans with mom and dad. I’m in the mood for simple. My nephew’s graduation party was this past Sunday so we had about all the partying we can handle for one week!

However we always remember what today is about. No matter how simple or fancy we celebrate.

And who knows, maybe we’ll have a fireworks show later. Jim found some stashed away in the shop yesterday.

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And a special Happy Birthday shoutout to my son’s beautiful girlfriend Brittany. She’s a 4th of July baby! (even though she won’t see this)