Duke…Under The Weather

Duke here.

Not much going on. I’m not feeling well today. I had a couple of accidents in the house during the night. I was really upset and embarrassed, but my mom and dad understood. They even took me to run some errands with them today.

I think I’ll lay low and get some rest today…

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Duke…and Snoring

My mom told me that she realized something. She knew that my snoring sounded like something she’d heard in a movie. The other day she remembered which movie it was…

I would be offended, but she’s probably right.

And we won’t even talk about what my mom’s snoring sounds like!

Duke…Guess What! It’s Still Cold.

My mom and I spent less than 30 minutes outside just now, taking care of the chickens and the birdfeeders. I supervised. My pads are freezing, my ears are windblown and my tail is dang cold. My mom says that her toes are freezing, her cheeks are windblown, and the bottom of her jeans are frozen solid.

My dad is drilling a well today because this is the (I won’t say warmest) most weather-friendly day to be able to get it done. He will do it without complaint because it needs to be done since he told the customer that he would do it on the first day that it reached at least 20 degrees. If you’ve seen a water well being drilled (and I have!), you will know exactly what I’m talking about!

Remember to appreciate those who work outside on these bitter cold days. Especially the ones who don’t complain…like my dad.

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It’s even almost too cold to play blue ball!

Duke…On Being Cold

It was a cold and snowy week this week. Wowsers! I spent much of the week stretched out on my favorite little sofa. One day I had to be strongly encouraged (read: bribed) to even go out at all. School was supposed to start back Monday after Christmas break, but stayed closed up till Thursday.

My mom pretty much hibernated till Friday when she was forced to leave the house.

I’m serious. I don’t even have a picture to share because she didn’t venture outside long enough to take one. She made sure the chickens were prepared and then my dad took care of things the rest of the week. She made sure I didn’t spend much time outside. She worried about Jon because he had to drive to and from work every day and it was icy and slippery. She worried about my dad because he had some service work to do and it was too cold to be working outside, but that’s part of what my dad does so…

It’s lucky that business is slow and the bulk of her job is done from home.

Mom and I both promise not to complain when it gets hot this summer.


Duke here.

Thought I’d do a little reflecting on the past year.

Lots of changes here in the past few months. There’s a little boy that comes here almost every day. And Sosha too.

It kind of throws the flow of my day all wonky. Sometimes it’s fun though. When the weather was nice my mom and the little boy would be outside playing and taking nature hikes in the woods. I liked that. Now the little boy gets on and off a school bus most days. Sosha and I try to make sure we’re right there watching and making sure it all goes well. We’d like to take a ride on that bus, but our buried fence doesn’t let us go out that far in the driveway.

I got a really cool big rawhide bone for Christmas. I worked hard and it took me just over a week to chew it all gone. I especially like to work on it in the living room while my mom and dad were watching tv. And my mom says that it made me gassy.

We didn’t get to spend enough time in the last year at my favorite place up north. I hope to change that this year.

It’s been so cold and snowy lately that I spend a lot more time in the house. I used to enjoy the cold air and snow, but I’m not as young as I used to be.

What’s my hope for the new year?

Simple. More treats. More petting. And some blue ball playing when we can find the blue ball.

My mom took this very unflattering picture of me. This is NOT how I usually nap…

photo (10)

Duke… Seizing the Weekend

My mom went all on and on about last weekend and enjoying the little bit of time up at the cabin and the peace and bliss.

For real though… she was a little sad.

You see, I turned seven last Sunday. Even though I LOVE going to the cabin the truth is… I’m not as full of energy as I used to be. I mean, I still love a great game of blue ball and I enjoy a long walk. But for the first time since I first started going up north with Dad and Mom, I just didn’t feel like playing constantly.

I was just enjoying the weekend away and taking it easy. And I was enjoying the view too:

Duke… and aging.

Duke here.

My parents need help. They really do. This is a conversation I heard recently while they were watching tv before going to sleep:

Mom: I just watched this show the other day. Is this abc (meaning the tv channel)?
Dad: I don’t know
Mom (noticing the little abc icon in the corner of the screen): It is. It’s channel 7.
Dad: I think it’s channel 7.
Mom: What?
Dad: Channel 7.
Mom: I just said that.
Both: Laaaughing.

This happens often.

Duker-day...and nothing much