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Mother’s Day

I lost my own mom in 2010 so Mother’s Day became a whole different day for me. Of course, I’m thankful for my own children because being a mom has been the most important part of my whole life… along with being a wife and now a grandmother, but every Mother’s Day is tinged with a little sadness. Even so, shouldn’t every day be Mother’s Day? And Father’s Day while we’re at it. Do we need a special day to honor our parents? Shouldn’t we honor our mother and our father every day? To be honest, these days make me a little uncomfortable because I don’t like putting pressure on my husband and children to do special things for me or buy special gifts and there are those whose only wish is to become a mother so this day is so very difficult. So on this day, I really just like the gift of time spent together with my family. No honoring, just love as usual.

Thank you, Jamie and Jon, for being the best children I could hope to be blessed with. I love  you forever and always.

jamie 012

Easter Sunday…1989…my babies.

With that being said, I would like to take a little time to show some love to some very special women in my life.

To my mom- I miss you terribly. You always loved me unconditionally, even though sometimes I didn’t deserve it. You were my rock and my friend. You were the best grandmother ever. You are my sunshine.

To my mother-in-law- Thank you for giving me your son. Thank you for raising the best man I could have hoped to find and spend my life with. And thank you for giving unselfishly.

To my daughter Jamie- Thank you for giving me the best gift ever… a grandson. He is the sunshine in my days. He is taking us on quite a journey, but he is worth every little step. My heart is full of love.
Also, thank you for being my friend and for showing me what being a supermom is all about. It amazes me every day. Even though you have been the best mom to five sweet babies, Happy First Official Mother’s Day!


My Superman Grandson

To my son’s girlfriend Brittany- Thank you for being the best mom ever to every pup that has and will come into your life. Besides the love you show your own three beautiful dogs, you are giving each and every dog that you foster perhaps the only love they have ever been shown and the best care they could hope for while they call your home their own for a little bit of time.

To my son’s girlfriend’s mom Anne- Thank you for bringing such a special baby into this world and raising her to be such a wonderful caring woman. We are blessed to have her in our family. And some day I will be proud to call her my daughter-in-law.

To my sisters Sylvia and Teri- I know you both cherish your privacy so I just want to tell you both how much I love and miss you. I hope that we all have blue skies ahead with lots of sunshine.





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