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Here I sit on a Saturday morning. I should be doing about a million other things, but I want to write. I haven’t written here in so long that I’m sure my blog has been long forgotten by many. I’ve debated for months about whether or not to bring my blog back and decided to give it a go. A little update…

What has been going on? Well, the biggest change in my life in the last couple of years is that I’m a Nana now! My daughter Jamie adopted the most adorable little boy ever and he is the sunshine in our everyday. He joined our family when he was just 2 1/2 months old and the adoption was final 10 days before his first birthday. He’s 17 months old now. 🙂 I babysit every day so I’m a pretty busy Nana as our business has been super busy and I still do the office work too.


Here’s our SuperBen!

My husband and I still operate our business and will for several more years yet. Not old enough or rich enough for retirement yet. Not as much time for antiquing, but we enjoy it when we can. Our kids are super busy with life and work. A teacher, a CNC programmer/machinist, and a nurse. I’m super proud of my daughter, son, and my son’s girlfriend. They’re all good and kind people and hard working.

Duke is still doing silly things, albeit somewhat less and slower as he just turned 9. Our daughter’s dog Sosha now lives with us full time. Our son and his girlfriend have two dogs (Harley and Brody) and also foster rescue dogs. I can’t wait to get over to their house and see the week old puppies that they have right now! Ricky (Jamie’s cat), Lucy, and Ethel (Jon and Brittany’s cats) round out the family and don’t live with us. After having cats my whole life, Jim and I are on a very long term cat break.


Duke up to some of his shenanigans. 🙂

Well, that was my life… in a nutshell. I hope to do this more often than once every two years. Maybe once a week? Maybe. I have a lot less time than I used to, but I miss my writing.


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