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Monday Musings (on Tuesday)

A day late…I know.

I was actually home for most of yesterday too.

I got up yesterday morning and was getting ready to start my day, which I always do before I turn on the tv or get online. So I was surprised when Jamie texted telling me I could go back to bed. The training she was supposed to go to was canceled, as was school at both her district and the district her little guy attends. Well, alrighty then. I crawled back into bed. I mean, who am I to argue? I dozed off and on, but finally decided that I needed to get up and go get my grocery shopping done before Jim left to go to a meeting (and taking our car). Jim suggested that if he went with me that I could take him to breakfast. Again…who am I to argue? Grocery shopping done, half a veggie omelet to start the day (I always save half for Duke), Jim gone to a meeting, and a closet needing some organization. 

Well, half a closet. The other half will get done today because once again schools are canceled and I have a day free from babysitting. I found a whole box of unread books. I wondered what happened to them and thought I must have accidentally given them away. Logic would tell you that I should go ahead and get rid of them since I didn’t even know I had them. Nope. They went back in the closet with the hope that I will not forget them when I’m in need of something to read.

And I found a box of Laura Ingalls Wilder-related books. It contains some of the pre-Little House books that I have set aside for when I have grandchildren and some duplicates of books I already have. I thought it was out in our shop attic. Now I’m wondering if I have a whole ‘nother box of Laura Ingalls Wilder-related books out in the shop attic too. Yikes. This is all besides the LIW-related books that I have on my bookshelves. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more aware of boxes of stuff just packed away that my husband and kids will have to go through after I’m gone. I’m trying to avoid that as much as possible. There are two LIW-related topics that I hope to do some more research/learning about and I think that everything else, except for special items and souvenirs, will be passed on to those who might like them. This will be an ongoing project.

I’ve been writing this post, with several interruptions, for about three hours and have yet to start on that second half of the closet. I should probably quit putting it off.

One last thing about the closet. I also went through a couple of files and boxes and organized them into one file box. It’s one little sub-chapter of a chapter of my life that I’m putting behind me. I was a little sad about it, but with some new realizations I really know that I made the right decision. After all, I didn’t put the WHOLE chapter behind me so it’ll still make me happy. Just in a different way.

Okay…I’m not putting it off any longer. I’m going back in!

Have a nice day. Stay warm. Or not (if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying better weather than we are). Be happy. Have a good attitude. Believe me, it helps.




3 thoughts on “Monday Musings (on Tuesday)

  1. How cool that you found books that you thought you no longer had? I always seem to find treats in my closet that I had forgotten about!

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