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Duke…Guess What! It’s Still Cold.

My mom and I spent less than 30 minutes outside just now, taking care of the chickens and the birdfeeders. I supervised. My pads are freezing, my ears are windblown and my tail is dang cold. My mom says that her toes are freezing, her cheeks are windblown, and the bottom of her jeans are frozen solid.

My dad is drilling a well today because this is the (I won’t say warmest) most weather-friendly day to be able to get it done. He will do it without complaint because it needs to be done since he told the customer that he would do it on the first day that it reached at least 20 degrees. If you’ve seen a water well being drilled (and I have!), you will know exactly what I’m talking about!

Remember to appreciate those who work outside on these bitter cold days. Especially the ones who don’t complain…like my dad.

photo (20)

It’s even almost too cold to play blue ball!


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