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Simple Sunday

My lone purchase during a recent (and rare) antique store visit just before Christmas…


Nothing to identify these (perhaps) grandparents with their grandchildren, pillows on the porch steps, and probably a much beloved doll.
What’s not to love about this?


4 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. Very often it seems that the dealers themselves are guilty in this lack of identification. As in, I frequently see stacks of photos, look through them, and realize they appear to be mostly the same handful of people. Several of the same children at different ages, a wedding photo and those two adults aging through the pile, etc. Then, sure enough, there is an EMPTY album or two stashed somewhere in the booth, marked to be sold separately. It horrifies me what some people will do to make $ off those of us interested in studying the past. Each photo will sell for anywhere from a dollar to three or more, so I guess they figure stripping the album increases the potential profit exponentially from trying to sell the artifact intact! If they’d kept them together, we’d have the record, since many albums have notes below the opening for each image. In the terms of historic preservation and archaeology, applied to personal artifacts and the historical record, taking these images out of their context and scattering them to the winds is akin to looting from houses after a storm or stealing objects from burial sites. Oh, and the dealers do this with letter bundles, too! *Insert foul language here*

  2. I also think that it’s sad when photos end up at flea markets and antique stores. And, Melanie’s comment makes me feel even sadder.

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