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Duke…On Being Cold

It was a cold and snowy week this week. Wowsers! I spent much of the week stretched out on my favorite little sofa. One day I had to be strongly encouraged (read: bribed) to even go out at all. School was supposed to start back Monday after Christmas break, but stayed closed up till Thursday.

My mom pretty much hibernated till Friday when she was forced to leave the house.

I’m serious. I don’t even have a picture to share because she didn’t venture outside long enough to take one. She made sure the chickens were prepared and then my dad took care of things the rest of the week. She made sure I didn’t spend much time outside. She worried about Jon because he had to drive to and from work every day and it was icy and slippery. She worried about my dad because he had some service work to do and it was too cold to be working outside, but that’s part of what my dad does so…

It’s lucky that business is slow and the bulk of her job is done from home.

Mom and I both promise not to complain when it gets hot this summer.


One thought on “Duke…On Being Cold

  1. It sure has been cold and snowy too! Stay warm Duke….and I’m gonna remember your promise not to wish it was cooler this summer 🙂

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