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Duke here.

Thought I’d do a little reflecting on the past year.

Lots of changes here in the past few months. There’s a little boy that comes here almost every day. And Sosha too.

It kind of throws the flow of my day all wonky. Sometimes it’s fun though. When the weather was nice my mom and the little boy would be outside playing and taking nature hikes in the woods. I liked that. Now the little boy gets on and off a school bus most days. Sosha and I try to make sure we’re right there watching and making sure it all goes well. We’d like to take a ride on that bus, but our buried fence doesn’t let us go out that far in the driveway.

I got a really cool big rawhide bone for Christmas. I worked hard and it took me just over a week to chew it all gone. I especially like to work on it in the living room while my mom and dad were watching tv. And my mom says that it made me gassy.

We didn’t get to spend enough time in the last year at my favorite place up north. I hope to change that this year.

It’s been so cold and snowy lately that I spend a lot more time in the house. I used to enjoy the cold air and snow, but I’m not as young as I used to be.

What’s my hope for the new year?

Simple. More treats. More petting. And some blue ball playing when we can find the blue ball.

My mom took this very unflattering picture of me. This is NOT how I usually nap…

photo (10)


3 thoughts on “Duke…Reflecting

  1. Blitzen here. I got a brush for Christmas. Yeah, a brush. There was a reason I chose Mommy instead of staying & becoming a show puppy – no brushes and baths! I’ve had both recently. YUCK! Since I’m a diabetic now, whatever that means, I’m not allowed to have as many treats. I love the cold, but Koti always wants to be in the house. I just like to lay on the deck and feel the air no matter the weather.
    I’m not allowed on the couch unless Grandma isn’t around. Mom and Grandpa get in trouble for that.

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