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Duke… and aging.

Duke here.

My parents need help. They really do. This is a conversation I heard recently while they were watching tv before going to sleep:

Mom: I just watched this show the other day. Is this abc (meaning the tv channel)?
Dad: I don’t know
Mom (noticing the little abc icon in the corner of the screen): It is. It’s channel 7.
Dad: I think it’s channel 7.
Mom: What?
Dad: Channel 7.
Mom: I just said that.
Both: Laaaughing.

This happens often.

Duker-day...and nothing much


One thought on “Duke… and aging.

  1. Oh Duke. I feel you. Mommy told me to get ready for bed last night so I did. She came into my room and forgot why she was there. How could you forget why you were in my room!? Silly mom. I had to remind her she was there to tuck me in for bedtime and for my story. Who are we going to call to help our parents? XOXO – Bacon

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