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Just Some Thoughts on a Thursday

I’ve been thinking (I believe I’ve mentioned before how my family hates when I say that) and I have some thoughts:

I’m exhausted right now. Our power went out last night. Our power rarely goes out. Even during the great power outage of 2003 (I think) , our power was only out for about eight hours. I consider us lucky. But the past two days were hot ones and our non air conditioned house had gotten pretty uncomfortable. I was hoping for a nice breeze to help us sleep without our fan, but it was not happening. Oh well, makes me more thankful for something simple like my oscillating tower fan, which we probably won’t even need tonight because a cold front has moved in. I cannot sleep if I can’t see what time it is so I can’t even guess how many times I put my glasses on to look at my cell phone to see the time.

I’m really happy that our work necessitates the use of a generator that my husband kindly hooked up so that I could shower last night. Because he knows what’s really important to me! And then he turned all the power off to the house so we didn’t know that the power came back on about 2:45 (which is what I found out this morning from our son). I could have gotten a solid three hours of sleep! When I woke Jim up at 6 to let him know that our yard light was on which meant our power was on and he got up to turn the house power on, he then said that now we could sleep with the fan on. “What sleep?” I asked. “It’s time for me to get up!” He and Duke slept in because neither of them had slept much either. Lucky them. I can’t complain. He had a full tough job to get done today.

Facebook. I’ve been on facebook a lot less lately thanks to my new job, but I do still hit it up a couple of times or so a day. I comment occasionally, not usually expecting a response, but I do have to say that I made a comment not too long ago and I did expect it to be responded to, much like the subsequent comments were on the same thread. Oh well, the next response back from me would have contained an offer of help. So if you’re one of my 171 friends (no I do not know that off hand, had to go look) (and don’t automatically think I’m talking about you because I’m pretty sure you don’t read my blog) and my family has done several favors for you, but have stopped… take a look inside your own self because there’s a reason. I’m not usually this way about kindnesses or favors, but honestly there IS a reason. And there IS a limit. Sorry.

It’s now 60 degrees and raining. I plan to be in a better mood tomorrow. 🙂




One thought on “Just Some Thoughts on a Thursday

  1. In the beginning of Beauty and the Beast, there’s an exchange with Gaston:
    “Lefue, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking again.”
    “A dangerous past time.”
    “I know”
    I feel that way, way too often.

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