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September 11, 2013

As it happens now every September 11, I think back to this day twelve years ago. I relive it. The horror. I relive it…

I was going to leave my page silent today, but decided to share my post from 9-11-11.

This morning I worked and I spent time playing with a certain little boy who will have no memory of the actual day. Isn’t that weird? I doesn’t seem enough time has passed that there are so many children who will have no memory of the day. My niece wrote about it on her blog.

Do a good deed today…


3 thoughts on “September 11, 2013

  1. As I shared on Facebook, I think of the companies I worked with that were based in the WTC. I, also, remember sitting on the boat as we were going back to the campground hugging my knees and praying. I was 23. We were now at war, and the boys I went to school with would be fighting it. Yes, there was one I knew who had enlisted. Of course we had lost touch, but I was definitely thinking about him. Twelve years later, he’s served two tours (luckily he was a Marine journalist so I can be in denial about how close he came to the fighting), and now he’s in his second year of college. We are, also, back in touch.

  2. I will never forget either…
    the silence. the horror. the looking in the sky and only seeing stars not the blink of a plane flying high….
    I will remember the sadness, and I see all those that lived then and vowed to be better, stronger, work together to be a stronger nation UNDER God….do none of those things.

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