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Old and New

I’ve been doing a lot of comparing lately. What I was doing when my kids were 2 1/2 (like my foster grandson is now) and what my kids were doing at this age.

And I’ve been watching more children’s programming on PBS than I have since I babysat my nephew who is now 18.

I noticed something yesterday. A few things have changed.

Like this:

I remember James Taylor from when my daughter was a little one. As you know I love James, but I’m not all about living in the past. I know the second clip from Jason Mraz is from a few years ago, but he became one of my new favorites so I was happy to see him make an appearance yesterday. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Old and New

  1. I still love Sesame. I haven’t had a “legitimate excuse” to watch it in a while, but when I was growing up I saw it every day….even as a teenager! Being the oldest, it was a staple in our house from the time I started watching it until long after my little brothers and “baby” sister (8 years younger than me) had outgrown it, because my Mom babysat elementary-school children for extra income for about a decade, starting right as the youngest was in kindergarten. I can remember marveling at all the changes over the years…Mr Hooper died, Mr. Snuffalupagus was revealed to the grown-ups, Elmo was introduced, and Cookie Monster started to appreciate healthier foods. I love that there is the long-standing tradition of bringing popular musicians on for segments of singing with the children and muppets. James Taylor, John Denver, Paul Simon (he did “Slip-Sliding Away!”), Cher, Crystal Gale, Linda Ronstadt… they were the ones I watched with excitement as a little kid. These days, when I hear a musician is guesting, it gives me a warm feeling about them even if their music isn’t my favorite, but more so if I like them. Jack Johnson scored major points in my book for making an appearance, and Katy Perry (even if they faulted her for the wardrobe choice) ranked a little higher, too. Now Jason Mraz has as well. How cool.

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