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I’m Not Really Here

Jim and I decided that this day will be a day of nothing. Or something. It is for us to decide. We may sleep in or we may go off on an adventure. We may relax or we may do odd jobs around the house. One thing is for sure – we’re only gonna do what we wanna do today.

Enjoy your Labor Day.

Update: Here’s how it goes…
Jim and I had hotcakes at McDonald’s (Jim’s idea), went to daughter’s house, son came over, same customer has called five times, and Jim has decided to fix his log splitter. Me? I’ve done nothing to brag about and took a ten (yep, ten) minute nap. Oh, and after searching the house for dog poo at 1am (bad BAAAD case of gas apparently) and sitting out on the porch swing waiting for Duke to decide to come back in, Duke is still not himself as we had an unplanned washing of the office rugs and scrubbing of the office floor after discovering two barf piles. Poor guy – something isn’t agreeing. 😦
I think I’m going to go finish one thing so at least I can go to bed tonight feeling somewhat accomplished.


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