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You Are My Sunshine

This – You Are My Sunshine – was my mother’s song for her grandchildren. Many times she sang it to her grandchildren and was able to sing it to almost all of her great grandchildren. It holds a very special meaning in our family.

Now that my daughter has a foster son who is with her indefinitely, I’ve been thinking about my mother a lot more. She would have loved another little one to sing her special song to. Jamie has a picture at the top of her stairs. It’s a big sun and says “You are My Sunshine”. When I was babysitting last week and the little guy and I were headed upstairs to get ready for his nap, he pointed to it and said “Boat”! He loves boats and must have thought the blue background was water. I told him that it was the sun and I sang that special song to him…

In looking for a version of this to share here, I found Johnny Cash (with and without June Carter Cash or Bob Dylan) and Ray Charles and Anne Murray and people I’d never heard of and children and babies. Then I came across this and I know of a couple of my mom’s grandkids that would get a kick out of it so that is the reason for my choice out of so many options.

4 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine

  1. That is the most unique version I’ve ever seen. It’s sweet that you’re continuing your mother’s tradition by singing it to your grandchildren.

  2. I love to sing to my grandkids and I remember singing with my grandma too. I love that your daughters little one gets to experience this with you. Blessings.

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