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Good vs. Evil

My sister recently came across some of my old photos that were in our mom’s things. Included were the proofs for my senior pictures. I never liked my senior pictures. Trying to fit into a school that I had only just transferred to in 11th grade was hard enough, but my mom scheduled me to go to a photographer that was not the photographer that all my classmates went to. Therefore, my photos were totally different than everyone else’s making me more of an outcast than I already felt.

Now I can laugh at those proofs. Especially this one. What was that photographer thinking?

LauraMy daughter calls it “Good Twin, Evil Twin”



One thought on “Good vs. Evil

  1. My parents let me go to the same photographer as everyone else. We were allowed three outfits per sitting fee. They didn’t believe me, and I was allowed to wear the dress I would wear for graduation. Now my Mom asks me why I didn’t take multiple outfits like everyone else and it goes something like this:
    “You decided I should only take one outfit.”
    “I don’t remember that. Why do you remember things I don’t?”
    “Why would I make that up? And really, have you ever known me to take one outfit when I can take three?”

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