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The Bitterness of Being Bitter

Jim told me that I was cranky on Saturday. I was cranky. But I realized that I was cranky out of bitterness.

I find I’ve been bitter about a whole bunch of different things and it has begun affecting my mood and my thinking and obviously my facial expressions and tone of voice which is why Jim pointed it out to me.

I realize that this has got to stop. It’s not good for me and it’s not good for those around me whom I love dearly.

Life is unfair sometimes.

Sometimes someone that you know really deserves something that they want so badly that it consumes them. When that something is suddenly within their grasp and then is whisked away and given to someone else, well you hurt for them and it makes you bitter. You have to realize though, that the time was not right and that there must be some other sweet and beautiful plan for that person. Their time will surely come.

Sometimes someone who you love with all of your heart is going through a rough time. You want to take the stress and pain away, but you can’t. You have to let time go by and you have to let events play out and you have to let your loved one think it all through and hope that it all works out to be best for that person. In time it will hopefully work out, just not necessarily in the way that you want it to.

Sometimes it seems as if there are people that you know that seem to always get things their way with no real effort. It doesn’t seem fair.

I could go on, but…

Too bad. Sometimes things don’t go our way, other times they do. We seem to focus on the times they don’t, forgetting that we are mostly pretty blessed. We can’t always fix things for our loved ones. We have to accept that there are things that we cannot change and that bitterness changes absolutely nothing except yourself and not for the better.

Bitterness has taken over my days. And that’s just not a good thing. So I must put a smile on my face and move forward.  Today is a new day!

I know! I've always been super cute!

This picture always makes me smile!


4 thoughts on “The Bitterness of Being Bitter

  1. I”m kind of new to your blog and wanted to tell you I loved this post. I’ve been having this same issue as well lately.. Problem is , our common sense tells us everything you posted but unfortunately we are human.. LOL..We should be like the animals and just let it all roll off.. but like you, I am just letting things happen as they do. I need to learn patients and I need to trust in God more..All things easier said than done but not impossible.. Wonderful post and good luck to both of us 🙂

  2. You realized you were cranky because you were bitter. Honestly, few of us get to that point. I know the journey to letting go is hard (and not something I’m good at), but I’m thinking of you.

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