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Losing Battle

I still haven’t fallen into a blogging schedule, but have had something on my mind the past couple of days. I’ve visited this subject before so feel free to stop reading now.

Swearing. Specifically the F-word.

In Laura Ingalls Wilder’s time, “drat” and “darn” (among others) were considered swear words. That’s not so now, for sure! Is that the way it’s becoming with the F-word? Am I fighting a losing battle.

For me, it’s all about respect. The word has a meaning which (in my opinion) makes it inappropriate to use in certain situations. I was raised by a father who, although he swore, didn’t like to hear women swear. My husband really curbs his swearing around the family and prefers that I don’t swear. So I try to respect that not because he tells me to (he doesn’t) but because I love him. I know that my children use the word, but have enough respect for me to not use it in my presence.

And it’s not as if I faint upon hearing the F-word. Seriously? I’m not that much of a prude. I hear it often in public. I hear it in personal conversation. I hear it in dialogue with frustrated customers who have found themselves with well problems and no water. I don’t judge those who do use it. I just think that there are times and places that it should not be used.

I’ve said it myself – although honestly I made the conscious decision not to say it after I became a mother almost 33 years ago. And I haven’t.

My kids have heard me swear, but not that word. Same with my husband. And I have heard him say it only once in the 30+ years that I have known him and believe me that was quite by accident!

Sure I’m a bit old fashioned and I’m a nerd, but that has absolutely nothing to do with it. RESPECT – that has everything to do with it.



4 thoughts on “Losing Battle

  1. Laura, I have other thoughts about this which I will share with you privately. But, most importantly, I really respect your ability to keep yourself from using thatword. I have a bit of a trucker/sailor mouth when I’m angry or frustrated but there are certain words which are held in reserve. I aspire to be more like LIW “Swearing is such a foolish habit” but alas am more like AJW.

  2. I totally agree with you Laura, it’s a word I’ve rarely said although it’s easy to fall into that habit these days. I don’t faint when I hear it but I still cringe. I know I’m in an ever shrinking minority but I prefer to express myself as eloquently as possible when I’m upset. It’s very effective, I think it dazzles and confuses the listener. 😉 Jonni

  3. I love Jonni’s comment. My mother always told me that intelligent people can express themselves using words in their proper context and don’t need to swear.

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