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Antique Photo #5


Same baby as in the first three photos. In the buggy down on the sidewalk. I’ve looked closely (enlarged on the computer) and am positive that the baby in Photo #4 is different than this one.


2 thoughts on “Antique Photo #5

  1. Is one of the houses in this photo, the same house that was in the previous photos?The houses in this photo suggest that the family lived in a very nice middle or upper middle class neighborhood. It looks like the houses may be on a parkway.

  2. I bought a little bundle of photos at a flea market and knew some were related, but when I took a closer look at some of the others found out that they were also related by looking at the background, etc. I wish I knew where they were taken. I wondered if perhaps they were taken in Detroit (we’re about an hour from there), that maybe the vendor had purchased the lot at an estate sale.

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