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The Flea Market

Jim likes to go to the Armada Flea Market a few times during the summer. Last summer I complained because most of what I was seeing looked like garage sale leftovers. But Jim sometimes finds a good deal on a tool…or something that he needs. We went a few weeks ago and I found some pictures and stereoscope cards at a really good price. I’m sharing the photos that I bought at my antique photo blog. I rarely find good photos though. Jim wanted to go last week, but it was rainy when I woke up (at the crack of dawn) so we didn’t go.

Last night he gave me notice: “Let’s go to the flea market bright and early tomorrow morning.”

And we did.

Jim looks at tools and doo-dads. I look mostly for photos and books and sometimes buttons too. But somehow today, my focus changed.

Jim was pretty happy with his finds. He got some doo-dads for 50 cents apiece. Another vendor had them for $3 each. He went back to the first guy and bought some more.

I bought: two Melissa and Doug puzzles for $3.50 each, a small version of the Fisher Price farm (with not all the right pieces, but extras too and very clean) for $5. Jim spotted a Pooh Bear still in the cardboard packaging and in a plastic bag for $3. Then further down the next aisle, we found a Radio Flyer wagon with two fold down seats for $35. Jim offered $30 and it was ours.


Yep, my focus has changed. Just a little. I found some buttons too. 🙂

And we saw these:

0623130820For some reason, Jamie has raised some objections to our buying an antique buggy or stroller (behind these lovlies are old buggies). Aren’t these great? The one on the left is a fold up stroller made of wood with a canvas type sling seat (I guess that’s what you’d call it). It looks extremely uncomfortable. I love these finds…even if I can’t afford to buy them!



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