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An Unlikely Friend

I just finished chatting with an old customer.

He isn’t what he appears to be (and I say that in the most respectful way) and I have come to enjoy our little talks when he tries to catch Jim at home. He rarely calls, but just shows up looking for Jim. He’s even been known to be sitting in his van parked off to the side of the driveway waiting when we pull in. He is still always respectful of Jim’s time and doesn’t want to be a bother. But he does want his well problem taken care of promptly and always makes sure to pay immediately.

He never really talked to me much before my mom passed away. He told me at the time that he was always very close to his own mother (he is in his 70s at least and lost his mother many years ago) and extended his sympathies for my loss. Ever since, he lingers for a few minutes when he’s here, making small talk with me. It’s like he found a common thread with me and became my kindred friend. He enjoyed sitting on our porch swing and hearing the story of how the swing found its way back to its home. He lingered because he said he was so comfortable, but finally got up and made his way back to his van and left.

I won’t be surprised if we see him again this evening after Jim has finished his work day. But that’s okay.



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