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Monday, 6-17-13

Do you sometimes wake up and you know it’s going to be a cranky day? Yeah, me too.


I woke up too early and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Instead of just getting up and doing something, I stayed in bed to try to go back to sleep. Now I have a headache and absolutely no motivation. I’m pretty sure Jim is going to have to finish up a tough job I helped him start on Friday and I’ll more than likely be helping (those mosquitoes better know better than to mess with me!). I’m annoyed at tv commercials, but am too lazy to shut the thing off. I don’t care what Kim and Kanye named their baby. And I don’t care where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.  Ugh.

However, the weather is beautiful. And I just talked to a super polite customer. My dog is cute. And my husband has way more patience than I sometimes deserve. So I think things are trying to balance themselves out.

How is your Monday going so far? I’m going to go accomplish something. That always makes the day better.


2 thoughts on “Monday, 6-17-13

  1. I always feel slightly less cranky if I wake up early in June and the early morning sun is starting to peak in the windows, than I do if I wake up early in December and know that it is going to be dark for several additional hours. 🙂

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