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Father’s Day 2013

I was blessed to grow up as a Daddy’s Girl, the baby of the family. All four of us siblings shared each their own unique bond with our dad and I think it’s safe to say that we all miss him and cherish forever the memories we have, together and separately. It’s all we have now. He’s been gone 20 years and I miss him now as much, or more, than I missed him the day he died. I am so grateful for what we had in common.

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And even though I (with Jamie) had to move back in with them not under the best of circumstances, it allowed my dad and Jamie to enjoy so many “out for coffee” mornings that I know she will treasure forever. I only regret that he never really knew Jon as well, but I think it’s safe to say that my son has inherited something near and dear to my father. Jim texted me last summer while I was away (and Jim doesn’t text often): “When it comes to food, your son is just like your father.” That made me smile.

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I was also lucky enough to also be blessed with the best father-in-law that I could wish for. When Jim and I were getting married, he said, “Finally I get a granddaughter!” He had four grandsons at the time and I brought my Jamie into the family – his only granddaughter. He was a man of few words and those are probably the favorite words I can ever remember him saying to me. He shared a special bond with Jim and with Jamie and Jon, but especially Jon. And I know that bond will be treasured always.

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So, while Father’s Day is bittersweet for us (Jim and I), having no fathers to celebrate anymore, but lots of the best memories…I celebrate my husband. I’ll not share all my feelings as it would take too much space. I’ll just say, “Happy Father’s Day, Jim!” He is a father who truly celebrates fatherhood…

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