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I’m Laura and I collect antique photos.

A few years ago when my husband and I were returning from a Laura Ingalls Wilder conference plus visits to some of her homesites, I promised him that we would stop at any place of  his choosing all the way home through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. He (an antique collector since his childhood) decided to stop at antique stores along the way. And I discovered antique photos. I felt sorry that these photos had gotten separated from their families and decided that I needed to start giving some of them a new home. I quickly discovered that I needed to narrow down the subject matter or things would very quickly get out of hand!

I now concentrate on photos of children. I love to find photos of babies and children with pets or toys or some other unusual little something in the photo. I began sharing my photos on my personal blog once a week – Simple Sunday – but because I may give up my personal blog and still want to share my photo collection I decided to start this blog just for sharing my photos. I had a tough time coming up with a name for a blog where I would only share my photos as I didn’t want to sound too much like other blogs that I follow that share their photo collections. But ultimately I had to name it what it was. When I first started collected these photos, I was giving a home to family photos that have been forgotten or lost by their family members. Hence the name ~Forgotten Family Photos~ maybe the family didn’t care or maybe (because they usually aren’t labeled or identified) they simply didn’t know who was in the photos and it didn’t mean anything to them then. That’s how they end up in antique shops or flea markets. And I bring them into my family.

I rarely find photos with information that would help to connect them with their real family, but I do share whatever information is on the photo. I’d love to reconnect a photo back to its family, but until then I will lovingly give it a home here.



I would love to hear what you think!

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