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Monday Musings – 6/3/13

Well, my self-imposed facebook break didn’t exactly last the whole weekend. Why, you ask? Because I actually finished what I wanted to focus my attention on in half the time that I allotted for myself. See what  happens when you set your mind to it? Now to keep up the momentum. I’m making a point not to leave facebook open on my computer. It’s off my list of favorites so it’s not a simple click to get in. I love that my friend Melanie suggested it. Great minds must think alike because I had just done that very thing! It’s easier to resist the urge when it’s not a simple click.

Yesterday morning I woke out of a sound sleep at a little past 5 because Jim’s phone had twertled the noise it makes when he has a missed call. I thought it strange and a little more than annoying until I remembered that his mother sometimes calls his cell. Then I worried because she would never be up at that hour normally, let alone calling Jim, unless something was wrong. So in the space of just a minute, I had myself worried into a tither. I got up and put on my glasses, dug Jim’s phone out of  his jeans pocket and found…nothing. No missed calls at all. Now last week we slept through an apparently very loud storm, but a non-existent twertle wakes me out of a sound sleep. Go figure…

And so after crawling back into bed and forcing myself back to sleep, I think I must have slept very soundly because I did not wake back up at 7 to get ready for church. I woke up at 8:07. Mass is at 8:30. We didn’t make it. Jim decided he would make me breakfast. Out at the lodge. I’ll tell you about the lodge sometime if you don’t know, but it’s a little three room getaway out in our woods. That’s where my wood cookstove ended up. And Jim did cook me breakfast.

There's Jim and my stove all installed. He thinks that if it's in the lodge then I'll spend more time out there. That line of thought didn't really work out when he built me my own outhouse either. :)

There’s Jim and my stove all installed. He thinks that if it’s in the lodge then I’ll spend more time out there. That line of thought didn’t really work out when he built me my own outhouse either. 🙂

Last week turned out to be pretty busy. Business was busy, Jim was busy, and that means I was busy. Not just work, but other things kept me hopping. I like to be hopping.

I think this week may be more of the same!



12 thoughts on “Monday Musings – 6/3/13

  1. I’m sorry “Build my own outhouse” doesn’t make me think that I want to spend more time at a place, but it does make me giggle.

  2. Isn’t it pretty? It pays to keep an eye out for things for sale in parking lots of factories. And he is a pretty cool dude. Believe me, it was not easy to get that stove out there. I have yet to cook on it, but it hasn’t been operational too long.

  3. Yeah, but you should see the boys’ privy. Mine is pretty fancy. 🙂 But I’ll admit that I’d spend more time out there if there was plumbing.

  4. Believe or not everything in the place is salvage or given to the boys. Except the stove. 🙂
    And yes, plumbing would be nice. Really nice.

  5. I’ve often wished that I had a stove just like the one in the picture–not to use everyday, but to use when trying some of the old recipes. For example, I’ve never made plum pudding–but someone told me that it used to be more popular (and turn out better) when people had old-fashioned stoves that made it easy to steam or boil the pudding for several hours.

  6. Believe it or not, my husband came across that stove for sale on the side of the road by a factory. He knew I would want it so came back to get me and the pick-up. I can’t remember what we paid, but it was a deal! I do want to experiment with some old dishes on it.

  7. Yes you should cook on that stove if it works..I have one that does not work..but with a lot of work it might! I check facebook in the morning and at night a quick run through..I post some photos everyday:)

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