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Yesterday, I announced on facebook that I was going to be absent for the weekend. I did this only because I message with a couple of friends pretty much exclusively through facebook and I wanted them to know if I didn’t answer their messages it wasn’t because I was ignoring them. Thinking back, I probably could have just let those friends know, but oh well. I kind of also thought that if I announced it then I would be forced not to make another appearance till the end of the weekend.

Now I know that I’ve complained before about facebook before, especially during election time. Ugh. Don’t get me started. It’s not just political and it’s not just during election time. I still lack the ability to just skim over posts that annoy me without reaching some level of stress. That’s just me. I get why people do it: to share information that they think may be helpful. However sometimes I think that they do it because they think others (like me) are incapable of forming my own opinion.  Not only that, but there are other things involving friends who you discover aren’t necessarily friends after all. Facebook can be an eye opening experience.

But those are not the reasons for this weekend’s facebook break. Facebook sucks waaay too much of my time. My office is in my home and I know that’s a big part of my problem. Maybe my boss should restrict my access to facebook during business hours! Some days I’m off running errands or moving trucks or running things to Jim, but I’m home for the majority of most days. I feel it’s more important for me to be here to answer the phone most of the time. I still have the freedom to be away from the office, but gone are the days when loyal customers will leave a message and wait for Jim to call back. We have wonderful loyal customers, but we’ve also found that people want service now and will not wait. Things have changed over that past few years. But I’m getting off topic here (because that’s a whole ‘nother post!). The point is, I’m here more than I’m not and I spend too much time on facebook.

Don’t get me wrong. Gone are the days when I’ve said that I’m going to quit facebook. I love seeing my nieces’ kids grow up through the photos they post on facebook because I don’t get to see them very often in real life. I like to keep up with what’s going on in their lives. I have so many friends that I’ve met through Laura Ingalls Wilder and  this is an easy way for all of us to stay in touch. And it’s a good way to keep up with local friends too.

But I seem to lack the ability to log in once a day and scroll through my timeline, see what’s going on, maybe share some little tidbit, and then get out. I keep going back. I know there are others that are much worse, but I’m not comfortable with the time I’m wasting. I needed to get some things done this weekend and needed to focus so decided that now is the time to make a partial break from facebook. And I won’t lie. I snuck back in a couple of times yesterday and I got in this morning because I wanted to check on a friend who was close to last night’s storms. But I will try my darndest to stay out the rest of today.

What about you? Does facebook suck you in?


3 thoughts on “Facebook…Revisited

  1. Me too, Laura. I had to elect to not have the application running on my phone and instead just get email alerts of certain fb activities such as traffic on my business pages or any LIW–related posts (so, certain friends like you are in a particular alert category). This way, I don’t miss things I need to pay attention to in order to keep current with for the purposes of expanding my business.
    I also find the second I open my laptop and go online I’m tempted to check fb no matter what I’m supposed to be doing. To fix that, I took FBI out of my bookmarks bar so now I have to consciously type in “WWW.face…” Believe it or not, that silly move actually helps me to avoid the all-day fb checking because I have a few seconds to reconsider. Not much, but it helps.

    This week has been rough; I have the final project (paper & presentation) for a class due on Tuesday and I’m still finishing up some online referencing (Federal Preservation Laws and State versions of such, as applied to all the major Laura sites). You can imagine the temptation when I’m sitting there for hours on end with a huge deadline looming as I try to sort it all out, and need to take a break from all the jargon…”oh, oh! Who had that picture of the Rock house? I need to see that again” and “I bet so-and-so knows whether they applied for an easement on that property.” Facebook, as you said, is a great way to keep a good circle of friends that live far away. But it is a colossal time-sucker too.

    This whole topic, incidentally, is closely related to why I rarely blog. If you (or anyone else here) have any self-discipline tips, I’d love to know them.

    Maybe I will just take a nap.

  2. I check Facebook way too often, but I’m not yet motivated to change. Yesterday though, I did something I wasn’t proud of – I whined about friends who refuse to sign up for Facebook so they won’t know that I did it. It was one of those moments when I was pushed to a limit.
    OTOH, I know why the program exists one friend and I need to tell each other what we are doing, but heaven forbid, he and I actually admit that so Facebook allows up to do so without admitting it’s for the other. I know so many many issues.

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