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Duke’s Nearly Nightly Outings

Duke’s mom here.

Duke, who is afraid of thunder, gunshots, fireworks, bubble wrap (to name a few), loves to go out after dark and bark at things in the woods.

And he will usually only come back if I call and whistle and yell for him.

The other night before I was going to settle in for the night we remembered that Duke was still out (one of these days we’re going to forget!) and I stepped outside, in my jammies, and stood out on the patio calling and whistling and whistling and calling. I can usually hear his collar tags jingling which tells me he’s on his way back. And I thought I did hear them.

I don’t give up on him very often, but after calling and whistling for a very long time, I was frustrated and decided that he could just stay out (it was warm).

I turned around to go back in the house and guess who was standing directly behind me?

I'm pretty certain he was laughing hysterically.

I’m pretty certain he was laughing hysterically.


3 thoughts on “Duke’s Nearly Nightly Outings

  1. I would bet in the dark he would be very hard to see! My sister has a black lab and once I was taking care of him over night at her house and she said he could go off leash for the last walk of the night and I could sit on the porch and he would return. NOT! Finally I went in and got the treat box and stood on the porch and shook it. Suddenly these 2 eyes were staring back at me out of the darkness. He was out there all right but I couldn’t see him. He came for the treats, however. 🙂

  2. Blitzen likes to go out every hour to check the weather. It’s one of the reasons that he sleeps with his grandparents, who don’t have to go to work in the morning.
    The other is if you split Koti and Blitzen up, they become pests. They are convinced that the other must be getting the most wonderful thing and that you should go with them to check.

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