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Monday Musings: May 20, 2013

Jim and I took a spur of the moment, quick trip up to Jim’s family cabin in northern Michigan. Last year, when discussion was taking place of throwing the old metal glider rocker bench out, Jim decided to bring it home and rehab it. He put a ton of work into making it look pretty again so decided to give it a new home on our porch where it had originally resided. That meant that we needed to get a new bench for the cabin. Jim was up with his brother and brother-in-law a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t find anything at the stores up there. So we bought one and needed to deliver it before the summer season started. This was the first we could get away and had to grab at the chance while the phones were quiet here.

Jim made the decision Thursday evening to go up on Friday. I’m a creature of routine, but I’ve learned to roll with things like this. I was packed and ready to go on Friday. It would have been a perfect afternoon to make some antique store stops, but we didn’t. I know! We did stop at Menard’s because Jim had a couple of other little jobs to do up there and needed some stuff.

And so everything we set out to do was accomplished. We got to do some antiquing and other shopping on Saturday. And we enjoyed because any time spent at the cabin is good.


6:30am bliss. I had to make the most of our time there.


We drove to Gaylord and then Mio. I don’t like to take photos of the Amish (would WE want people to stop on the road and snap our pic?), but this was too awesome and we didn’t zoom in out of respect.


We didn’t have time to do much visiting, but Jim had to stop and visit his Uncle Dick. I told Jim not long ago that sometimes when he talks to Duke he sounds so much like his Uncle Dick. He was a great guy.


It was hard to capture, but a heavy snow just before Christmas did a lot of damage to the trees. As we drove along, we could see many of the smaller pines permanently bent over from the weight of the snow during that pre-Christmas storm.


Duke. And the lake. He has something on his mind and it’s a safe bet that it has to do with throwing a stick.



I didn’t get this finished up with pictures last night. Better late than never, right?


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