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Monday Musings: May 13, 2013

We celebrated a wonderful Mother’s Day at our daughter’s house. Earlier in the week when she asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day dinner, I replied, “Pulled pork.” I was joking as I never expected her to actually make pulled pork. But she did. And it was delicious. I mean really, really good. Everything about the meal was good. Good food and a really nice time with my husband, my kids, and my brother. What more could I have asked for?

My gifts and cards. All my favorite kind of stuff. It's great having a creative teacher for a daughter and a son who knows I like me some wine (yes, we already enjoyed some). Plus a Cracker Barrel gift card. Jim got me a beautiful hanging plant too.

My gifts and cards. All my favorite kinds of gifts. It’s great having a creative teacher for a daughter and a son who knows I like me some wine (yes, we already enjoyed some). Lovely cards and a Cracker Barrel gift card. Plus Jim got me a beautiful hanging plant too.

I’ve always been uncomfortable with Mother’s Day. I’m not an attention seeker and I don’t want my kids and husband to feel obligated to do something special for me. I know they love me and I know I can count on them.  All I really want is time spent with my family. And I got that and more. I can’t wait for the time when I can honor the mothers of my grandchildren!

When Jim and I returned home just before dark and headed for the house I saw our chickens come running toward us from their house. I even remarked to Jim how odd that was because they are usually roosting by that time. All was needed was for us to close them up safe for the night. I headed into the house to put our leftovers (yum) away and he went to lock the chickens up.

A few minutes later he came in to tell me that there were only three chickens. One was missing. I went out and we both searched for the missing chicken. In the bushes, brush piles, in the woods, behind the shop, anywhere we could think for her to disappear to. We came to the sad conclusion that a raccoon had snatched her. We have an abundance of raccoons this year. I finally locked up the three remaining chickens and went into the house. But I kept thinking of our missing chicken. I said to Jim, “What if she shows up and she’s all locked out of her home?” We’ve lost two other chickens, but found … umm … proof of their demise. That didn’t happen with this one. I actually took a walk around the yard at 11 pm with a flashlight (and in my jammies) just to make sure she hadn’t returned. No chicken.

2012 005 (5)

So this morning when I sleepily trudged through the house to let Duke out, what did I see out pecking around the front yard? Yep. That  chicken! I quickly put my shoes on and she ran to greet me when I stepped outside. She followed me to the henhouse and was reunited with her sister chickens. Where was she? We don’t know, but we’re going to assume she’s made herself a nest somewhere. We suspected the other day when we found Duke eating an egg in the yard. Where did he get it? Someone must be laying her eggs in a secret place. The downfall of letting them free range for part of the day is that they may just lay their eggs in a spot where we can’t find them.

This morning certainly started off on a happier note than last night ended on. ☺


6 thoughts on “Monday Musings: May 13, 2013

  1. The prodigal chicken returns! Just follow Duke around for a day, he knows where the secret nest is and he’ll probably keep checking for more egg treats. 😉 Happy Mothers Day to you, I’m glad it was such a lovely one.

  2. I love you, Mom!! I’m glad the meat turned out (you know how well kitchens and I usually get along) and that you like the planter (or whatever it would be called). I’m tempted to make one for myself now! 🙂
    I was worried about the missing girl all night, and was worried it might be my little Hetty! I was so relieved when you told me she has popped up this morning! Who’d have thought that chickens would be so mischievous!!

  3. Sounds like you had a super wonderful Mothers Day and the plant was lovely! I”m so glad you found your little chicken girly.. I would have been up at night wondering myself too..

  4. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to her secret nesting place, of course! Sounds like a delightful Mother’s Day! Mmm pulled pork wine, and Cracker Barrel! And the love of your children. What more could any mamma want!

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