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Simple Sunday

My mom and her mom - 1933

My mom and her mom – 1933

I miss my mom doubly much during this time of year. Mother’s Day and her birthday always fell close together and sometimes on the same day. And on this day I honor her memory. She was always there for us. She was a great example as a mother and grandmother. She devoted her life to her family. I miss laughing with her and listening to her stories. I miss her cooking and her singing. My heart aches.

But I also honor the other mothers in my life. My grandmothers. I wish I could have known my father’s mother who passed away when I was a baby. My aunts. I have especially wonderful childhood memories of my Aunt Pat. Our families spent so many great times together. I will cherish those memories.

My mother-in-law. I have her to thank for raising such a wonderful son who has made me feel so happy and so loved for over 30 years. And for making her home such a welcoming place for our children that our daughter once feigned illness to be able to stay home from school because she knew we’d send her to Ma’s while we were at work.

I honor and thank my sisters, Sylvia and Teri, and my sisters-in-law, Jane, Kathy, and Susie. They are not only sisters, but also friends and sometimes stand-in mothers for my children. Between the six of us, we have raised 13 wonderful children.

My husband – as we grew together and molded our parenting ways together, he has helped me to become a better parent with his patience and gentle ways. Parenting was fulfilling and difficult, fun and busy. Never a dull moment. I have some regrets for things I wished I’d done better, but I have been blessed to have been rewarded with two great adults who are two of my best friends. My son has brought a wonderful young woman into our family. I hope to be proud to be able to call her my daughter-in-law one day. I am so enjoying getting to know her mother and seeing what a loving and proud mother she is to Brittany and her sisters.

So I now look forward to becoming a grandmother. As I watch my daughter navigate through the process of becoming a foster parent (with the ultimate goal of adopting) and all the twists, turns and disappointments that she’s experiencing, I try to remember that God will reward her when the time is right. And no matter how difficult it is now, it will be so worth it in the end when just the right child is welcomed into our family with loving, open and anxious arms. I know Mother’s Day is difficult for women like her who long to become a momma.

Happy Mother’s Day to all. You may be a mom, an aunt, a good friend, or a teacher to a child. You don’t necessarily have to be a mom to have a mothering influence that may be so greatly needed in a child’s life at that very moment. For that, you deserve to be commended.



5 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. That is such a great sentiment, Laura. The last paragraph really touches me because my maternal instinct has been in high gear for several years now but circumstances have not worked in my favor. I am still hoping, but the tic-toc of biology is running down noisily. We’ll see. But your words brought me comfort this morning, especially so when so many people (including some who really ought to know better how painful this is) have been dismissive of this very subject when it has come up. I’ve even been blamed for “waiting too long” even though everyone who knows me should know that I’ve always wanted a child but have yet to find the right person to be the other half of the Mommy+Daddy equation. If I had the means, I would seriously consider going the same route as your daughter.
    So, please know that your words made a difference to someone who is accidentally childless. Giant hugs to you, and to your daughter, and all the Moms you mentioned here. Happy Mother’s Day with all the trimmings to you!

  2. Heartfelt and beautiful…….and how thoughtful of you to put your thoughts into words and share…..:):):)

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