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Duke’s Update on the Chickens

Duke here with an update on the chickens. There are still four of them and my mom and dad still seem to get a kick out of ’em. Sometimes my mom is clearly annoyed at them. And I find just a little evil satisfaction in that.


My mom asks not to be judged by how the never-used front porch looks. Yes, those are dog beds and one is falling off the front of the porch. My mom and dad put dog beds on the porch because Sosha and I liked to take our naps there and in they thought it would be warmer if we had cushy beds instead of the cold cement. Now that it’s just me, they decided to take one of the beds off. For some reason (I can’t explain), I’m constantly knocking one of them down the front steps anyhow. And yes, the chickens discovered MY nap place. Ugh.



Then my mom happened to discover this one day when she was walking through the house! Yep, that’s a chicken on the windowsill looking into the house. And that’s MY spot. The very spot where I look into and bang on the window when I want to be let in. Ugh.



And they often follow my mom and dad around the yard. I follow the ‘rents around because I love them. The chickens do because they want a snack. Ugh. Greedy.

Those chickens have a nice big yard attached to their house (which, by the way, used to be MY house) and my dad thought we should let them free range for part of the day. My mom isn’t real thrilled when they  hang around near the door. She says we are not the kind of people who let chickens in the house! But now if we don’t let them out of the yard for part of the day they stand at their fence and make a big racket till they’re let out. And they like snacks. Like the kind of snacks I would enjoy if they weren’t given to the chickens (even though my mom insists that lots of snacks are not good for me).  And they aren’t laying eggs like they used to, which I guess is normal but seriously are they just going to become useless pets now? At least I try to earn my keep. I try.

Chickens. Ugh.

3 thoughts on “Duke’s Update on the Chickens

  1. Duke, you have the patience of a St. Bernard. Letting the Poultry Party take over your bed, your spot, and then allowing them to walk with your parents is more than generous. I’m afraid a chicken wouldn’t last long here. Crazy Daisy would not tolerate it. Plus, she is told to chase away the ducks and geese. You chase one fowl, you chase them all.

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