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W is for …

W is for a few things in my little life!

My last name has been Welser ever since October 19, 1985. Over half my life.

My work place begins with W – Welser Well Drilling LLC. And it even has a website.

What do we do? Why, we drill and service water wells and their systems.

Who is my favorite author? Of course you know that it’s Laura Ingalls Wilder!

Duke is reading These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Kudos to whoever can guess what his favorite part of the book was.

I like to take walks in our woods.

I  love to write and have often said that it’s my therapy.

Little Women is also a favorite book of mine.

I love it when the wrens return and their song is one of my favorites.

Water is pretty much my favorite drink.

W – it’s a pretty good letter.



3 thoughts on “W is for …

  1. We have a lot in common: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little Women, and water!!!!!!! Wish we lived closer!!

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