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Q is for Quiet

Some people like quiet, while others crave noise and activity around them.

I love quiet. Sometimes I just need to turn everything off in the house and enjoy the blessed silence. It’s bliss when I need it. It’s peace when the weight of the world is heavy on my shoulders. It’s necessary when I want to think. It’s the best way to read a book. It’s a wonderful way to try and forget…or remember.

However, there are sounds that I love. Some sounds that I miss. And other sounds that I crave.

  • The chatter of my children. They’ve long been adults and I love talking and listening to them now. But I miss that chatter of their childhood.
  • The whinny of a horse. I swear I will miss that sound till the day I die.
  • Laughter. Especially familiar laughter. Something that I said to Jim this morning made him laugh. And I loved that.
  • Rain. I love a good rain. Not right now though. We’ve had a lot of rain lately!
  • After my mom and dad moved to Florida, my mom would call me every year on my birthday and sing “Happy Birthday” to me. I miss that.
  • Duke’s got the greatest dog yawn. It makes me smile as does his unabashed burp after every meal.
  • A cackling chicken. We probably won’t be able to have chickens after these girls are gone and I will miss that.
  • I do miss the morning duck quacks that I always enjoyed when we had ducks.
  • The sound of a new book.
  • Singing birds. I love having my bedroom window open and listening to the birds greet the new day.

What about you? Do you love quiet or noise?

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5 thoughts on “Q is for Quiet

  1. Oh, I’m a noise person. .
    My Mom turns the stereo on low in the living room as soon as she gets up and turns it off before bed, so I’ve always had some sound around me. A few years ago, she had surgery and was off her feet. After a couple days, Blitzen started leading us to the living room. Evidently, he missed the sound of the radio!
    Right now, I have Pandora too loudly on my headphones so I can concentrate on my work. I think the issue is if I don’t have something like music on then my thoughts get so loud they distract me. If I focus on the words of the song then there’s less I am thinking about.

  2. I like quiet. My hearing is too acute for comfort. The OH sleeps in the spare room cause he snores, the cat meowing at night wakes me up, the bird chorus a dawn is horrendous … they say I could her a gnat fart and they’re probably right.

  3. What a beautiful post, Laura. I share you likes and dislikes of quiet.
    As a person who loves to laugh it is the one sound I crave and can’t live without… but only if it is genuine.

    Lovely “Q” post.

  4. I am much like you. I like quiet. You should read the book, Quiet, by Susan Cain. About introverts. It is us.

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