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P is for Poop

Duke here with something to say.

I recently had a bout of tapeworm. The one dose of Dontral that I took (yes, I do know what medicine I take!) took care of it. About a week later, I visited my doctor for my yearly check-up. They’re awfully nice there, take good care of me.

Anyhow on the way in, my mom noticed something on my hind end and wondered if it had something to do with the tapeworm. The doctor checked it out and reported back that it seemed to be chalky, almost like poultry droppings. My mom sighed and said, “We have chickens and Duke seems to like to eat their poop.” Mystery solved.

On the way home, my mom chuckled and said to my dad, “Duke has chicken poop poop!”

She’s so funny.



3 thoughts on “P is for Poop

  1. aaww Duke – glad I’m not the only one. When mom doesn’t look, I like to eat the cat poop. Snort – it’s what we do, you know. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Duke, tell your Mom to make you a chicken breast with broccoli. It’s the best food in the entire world. At least that’s what I tell Grandma. She makes Mommy and Grandpa have it on my birthday because it makes me sooo happy.

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