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K is for Kibble

Duke here.

I’m not really picky about what I eat. I mean I like certain things better than others, but I’ll eat pretty much anything. I’m not real fond of marshmallows though.

As far as my dog kibble goes that’s changed through the years. When I was young, my mom got top of the line stuff. Then the economy tanked and we all had to tighten our belts so my food changed. I didn’t care. My mom and dad had to change the way they were spending all the way around. It wasn’t just my doggy kibble.

Then, a couple of years ago, Sosha had a really bad skin problem. The doctor couldn’t even figure out what was wrong. One day, my dad was shopping for new kibble for us and decided to look and make sure that he bought a brand that was made in America. And Sosha’s skin problem went away! Don’t know if it was the food or not, but after that my parents were more careful about what we ate (still within budget, which ain’t easy).

The last time my mom and dad went kibble shopping they came home with two different bags of kibble. I had gained five pounds since last year. I try to do daily exercises, but some days it’s just soooo hard. Anyhow, mom and dad decided to mix some better healthy kibble with the regular kibble that I’ve been getting (which is not necessarily unhealthy kibble).

So anyhow whatever. I like my kibble. I don’t care what it is, but my parents want me to be healthy so I’ll go along with it.


I like to make sure that every last kibble bit has been emptied out of the bag.


7 thoughts on “K is for Kibble

  1. I resemble that picture from time to time when I get into my pig feed bag. It just happens. You know we have to make sure every little piece is out of that bag before the humans toss it. No kibble left behind! XOXO – Bacon

  2. This is interesting about Sosha’s skin problem…I have found that the food we eat really does make a difference in health for all of us! I try to eat healthy but am a slacker when it comes to greens. When I decided several years ago to improve my diet, the biggest difference I’ve noticed is that by drinking a lot of water and really paying attention to what my body is telling me I’ve been able to cut back on sweets (everyone in my family has a really bad sweet tooth so thiswas TOUGH) and replace them with things like walnuts or toast or carrots or at least eat less of the bad stuff…and my skin and teeth are better off for it! Quinn, my beloved calico, ran into kidney trouble in 2009, and the vet said she must never, ever, have people food anymore, as well as recommended she have a new (yes, expensive) food that’s designed to be “kidney sparing.” It took a while to adapt her to the new food, and to encourage hydration we doubled the number of water dishes around the house for her and also she eats both the wet and kibble versions of the special food. Now, 3-1/2 years later, she is still doing very well and the kidney tests have been within normal range almost the whole time. She is still very active and rather kittenish! The only thing that slowed her down was a recent thyroid problem which we’ve treated with a transdermal med. She had a rough several weeks but is once again adjusting and the spike in her kidney levels that was due to the thyroid problem is under control again. I am quite convinced that if not for her special food, she’d have been a goner years ago, so to me it is worth every penny to see her thriving at a very senior age!
    Duke, you’re a good boy for being flexible about your kibble and it is clear your Mom and Dad love you very much. Hugs to you. 🙂

  3. Blitzen here. I like most any food, but my brother – ohmygosh, he’ll sniff a cookie and chew it 10 times to make sure it’s okay. Like mommy, gramma and grandpa would eat something bad? He boycotted Iams and ate Kibbles and Bits for awhile, but he’d spit out the kibble! We both like Blue a lot right now. I get half a cup in the morning and evening, and I’m not allowed to finish Koti’s. AND!!!!! they stick a needle in me every time I eat because I have diabetes. Mommy says I’m more energetic now, but I don’t know I tend to remember the part where they stick a needle in me every meal!!!!! I went to the vet yesterday though and he said I was doing good.

  4. My Casey will eat anything that stands still long enough for her to eat it. I love the picture of Duke with his head in the sack……
    Animals are such a blessing to me!!!!

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