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J is for Jim and Jamie and Jon

It was never my intention to have all J-names in my family. I mean Jamie came first and I didn’t go out seeking a guy named Jim so that people would think that we named her after him. People do. I just like to think it was meant to be. Then, when I was pregnant with Jon, Jim and I took a very long time agreeing on a name for a boy. We quickly chose a girl name, which just happened to begin with J. But the boy name? I chose Patrick and Joseph. Jim was set on John Paul from the start. His dad’s middle name and my dad’s middle name.

When the time came for him to be born (by C-section), we still hadn’t agreed on the name (we  had opted not to find out whether we were having a boy or girl).

So, it came as a surprise to me when they announced, “It’s a boy!” and showed us our beautiful boy that Jim said, “His name is John Paul!” And both doctors, who happened to be named John (my ob/gyn’s name was John Paul!) were thrilled. And I knew that it was a fitting tribute to two men that we loved and admired so much – our fathers. We made one compromise, naming him Jonathan (meaning gift from God) Paul. We called him Jonathan and JP for a very short time. He quickly became Jon. He once told me that he hates the name Jonathan and wishes we’d have just named him Jon.

But then…what would I have called him when he was in trouble? “Jonathan Paul!”

jamie 011


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