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H is for Horses

I love horses. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love horses and I know that I will always love horses.

I’m one of the lucky ones who was able to live my dream, if only for a few years. I not only had a horse, but I had horses! There is nothing like that familiar nicker that you hear when you walk in the barn door. The one that is meant just for you.

I’ll never forgive myself for screwing up in a way that forced me to have to give up my horses. And I’ll never forgive myself for not encouraging that love in my children thinking that I was saving them from the heartache of the eventuality of having to give them up. Why I thought this, I’ll never know…

I can’t change the past though so I look forward to the future. Maybe someday I will be to live my dream of providing a home to a couple of rescue horses. I’m not sure that’ll ever happen, but if it does I’ll be ready.

Till then I’ll look at horses as longingly as I did when I was a little girl. And I will hold that dream in my heart.

I’ll tell you a secret too. I’ve always wanted to write a book. A book about a girl who dreams of having a horse of her own. Some day I will finish it. I know it will never be published, but it will be finished! You know what else? I’m collecting research materials for a horse project that I’m just barely beginning. I’d better get busy as I’m not getting any younger.

Aren’t horses dreamy?

Chief and me

Chief and me


5 thoughts on “H is for Horses

  1. There are things you can do that are half-way between owning a horse and having no contact with them. Mucking out at a stables, volunteering to help with Riding for Disabled. Stop dreaming and get out there!

  2. We have a boarding stable behind our house so we get to see the colts and hear them at night. I took riding lessons there in elementary school. I really enjoyed it, except for cantering.

  3. Another connection between us – I love horses too! I grew up riding horses and being in horse shows. We owned several horses and ponies when I was growing up. I love reading horse books too.

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