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G is for Grandma

I’m not a grandmother. Yet. Becoming a mother so young, I thought I’d have been a grandmother by now as I’m sure my daughter thought she would be a mother by now. It hasn’t worked out that way.

I look forward to it one day. I really do. I’ve got two twin beds in our spare bedroom just for grandchild sleepovers and we have the crib ready to be moved out of the garage attic. I’ve got toys waiting to be played with and books waiting to be read. All of our son’s outdoor Tonka trucks are stored away waiting to build roads in the sandbox. I even have a couple of sets of Little House books stowed away because any grandchild of mine will know the Little House books!

I sometimes worry that it will never happen, not just for myself but for my children. I long for them to know the joy of looking into their child’s eyes and seeing the love and trust and pure innocence. Of having those chubby little arms wrap around their neck in the biggest best hug they could get. Of watching that peaceful worn out sleep of an very busy baby.

I think about this a lot, especially lately as my daughter has chosen to take the journey of fostering to adopt. I know this journey will bring joy and heartbreak (of falling in love with a child only to see it returned to its parents). But I know this journey will be rewarding because she will be helping a child who needs her, maybe not permanently, but at that very time when he/she needs the love of a parent substitute the most. And I know that my daughter can give that love. But her ultimate goal is to adopt and I hope that  happens sooner rather than later.

Because I want her (and my son when he’s ready) to know the joy of parenthood. And I want to be a Grandma!


8 thoughts on “G is for Grandma

  1. I have six grandchildren, four from one daughter and two children for the other. The set of four arrived first; my other daughter had children in her thirties. Her husband was the oldest of four and there were no grandchilden for his family when he and my daughter married. He was near forty when they married. I was at his parents’ house ten years ago when they announced their first pregnancy. I was thrilled for my daughter, but even more so for the other grandparents. Their joy was beautiful.

  2. Hoping. I know the feeling. I have four children and only two grandchildren. My elder daughter chose a man who had a vasectomy and accepted that she would never have children, but my second daughter , who would love to have a child, is 44 and her hopes of conceiving are slim. My heart aches for her, not for me.

  3. I want to be a Grammie too, but my stepsons are in no way ready just yet and my son is far too young, so I wait. Good luck to your daughter and to you.

  4. That was lovely and eloquent. I am not a grandma (yet) but I practice every day on 180 kindergarteners. And I know some of the kids are in foster care and have heartbreaking stories. They need the “Jamies” of the world. I will rejoice with you when she finally achieves her dream. As for my kids, whatever happens is okay with me. Neither is planning parenthood at this time. Still young. But my books and toys are ready just in case.

  5. Very sweet post! (and a tear or two because I wasn’t able to experience motherhood except through other people’s children)

  6. This was beautiful, so sincere! I feel much the same way, both of my children are in their thirties and single, so I don’t foresee grandchildren in my near future, though my daughter longs to be a mom, and my son promises there will be grandbabies to love on some day. I can only dream and hope… and pray!

  7. Good luck to your daughter with her foster kids. I am adopted and I am so happy. I have friends with foster children and both families have had wonderful experiences.

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