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A to Z Challenge

A to Z Challenge [2013]

Well. I’ve thought about it and dwelled on it and procrastinated about making the decision, but finally I decided to participate in the A to Z Challenge. This will be my third year.

What is the A to Z Challenge, you might ask? Many of you already know. That’s how I met many blogging friends over at my first blog A Simple Happy Life. And I’ve moved all of my posts over here. Just look over at my “Categories” over in the sidebar and click on A – Z Challenge. They should all come up and you can scroll back through both years. Last year I had a Laura Ingalls Wilder theme. The year before started off being My Favorite Things, but I think I strayed on to other things (keeping with the alphabet though). Every day during April I will be writing a post that corresponds with the letter of the day from A to Z through the month of April (with Sundays off).

This year I have decided to choose a theme also. How about “Getting To Know Me”? I guess it’s still a combination of My Favorite Things and I’m sure I’ll be throwing some Laura Ingalls Wilder in for good measure. And I’m sure I’ll re-visit some of the same letter words. I will still write new posts every day though even if I use a same word. I’m going to try not to stress out and just have some fun.

I’m hoping that you like what I write about and that, by the end of the month, you’ve gotten to know me just a little bit better!

I’ll start Monday with A, so see you then!


7 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge

  1. Sounds like a MARVELOUS idea!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait. Glad you are doing it. I look forward to getting to know you better!

  2. Just ?wanted t say “hi neighbor” on A to Z challenge. Do I really have to g thru all this to make a simple greeting?

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