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Duke and the Worms

I’ll just say this:

My mom and dad wonder if it was worth it to me to catch and eat that rabbit a couple of weeks ago.

It just cost them $62.03 to have my poop checked, find out that I have tapeworms, and get one dose of medicine to get rid of said tapeworms. (dogs can get tapeworm from ingesting the fleas that come from wild animals or, in my case, ingesting the wild animal that has the fleas; thus ingesting the flea with the wild animal)

I’ll just say that it seemed well worth it at the time!



3 thoughts on “Duke and the Worms

  1. Go Duke! It’s totally worth it.
    Us Siberians don’t care about people, but other animals should never come into our yards. They don’t do it a second time. I don’t eat them though – just kill them. If Grandpa doesn’t come quick enough (Mom and Grandma won’t do it), the vultures eat them.
    Blitzen (borrowing Mom’s account)

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