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A Little Request

During my blog switch a few months ago, I was trying to find a way to still easily follow the blogs that I had been following since I joined the World of Blogging. Blogger seems to show me either no blogs or every blog that I’ve ever followed and WordPress Reader doesn’t show me updates on every blog I’ve asked it to follow for me.

I thought I’d come to you guys and ask you to do something for me.

Would you mind very much leaving a link to your blog in a comment here so that I can find  you again?

I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!



3 thoughts on “A Little Request

  1. For anyone who wishes to read my blog or follow (which would be really nice! I could always use more followers!), this is my link
    I still use blogspot, and haven’t really had much trouble once I figured things out as they upgraded or changed all those things I just got used to. Why all these “improvements” have to implemented is beyond me – they never seem to “improve” anything!

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