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Duke and When Things Change

There was lots going on this past couple of weeks. I don’t understand it all, but I do know that a very good friend of my dad’s passed away last week. I knew him very well. He used to come over a lot and would bring his dog, Chevy. I’m sure she’s very lonely for him. Everyone here has been pretty sad and my mom and dad were gone quite a bit. They worked on a special project too before they had to say good-bye to their friend for the last time.

The very next day, my mom and dad packed up the car and left. Just like that. My mom gave me some extra petting and told me to be a good boy, that they had to go to a convention (I’m not sure what a convention is). She gave me a rawhide bone and away they went. I didn’t know what to think…

I was pretty relieved later on that day when Jamie and Sosha showed up to stay with me. I was still missing my mom and dad, but at least I didn’t have to be alone. They were gone from Sunday till Wednesday and Jamie even came and picked Sosha up and went back to her house before my mom and dad got home. I was so happy to see them! And!! They brought me a burger from McDonald’s so all was forgiven.

Today is a good day and I can relax.

2013 045
I think my mom is planning to go back to her regular blogging schedule next week.

2 thoughts on “Duke and When Things Change

  1. Such a sweet looking picture. And he cares about his Mom and Dad. Koti lately has been unhappy with me for having a “job” which interferes with my ability to wait on him.

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