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Monday Musings – Smile!

Since we run our business on the same property we live at, we put surveillance cameras up so we can keep an eye on things around the business. Not long ago our driveway alarm went off (we really aren’t that high tech, these devices were purchased very inexpensively at Harbor Freight) and I checked out the camera to see that it was just the meter reader heading out back. Just as I figured out who it was, I noticed two strange dogs had come on our property from back in the woods. I was keeping an eye on them as we have our four little chickens to look out for. And Duke thinks that every dog is his friend, which doesn’t always bode well for him. They hung around for a little while and then headed off again. Hopefully to their home.

Later, I was showing Jim the surveillance of the dogs that visited. I guess we walked away from the little tv and left it rolling. Jim left to go to a meeting and as I was sitting at my computer, I saw movement on the camera (the tv w/surveillance sits on my desk). When I turned to see what it was, I saw the service truck backing up to unhook the trailer, which would be impossible since JIM WASN”T HOME. Freaked me out for a minute until…

I realized that I was watching what had happened about two hours earlier.



2 thoughts on “Monday Musings – Smile!

  1. We finally disabled ours. The deer walked right up and broke the beam and rang the alarm.

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