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Missing Downton Abbey

I know. It hasn’t even been a week, but I’m missing my Sunday evening ritual.

I was just reading this article from Next Avenue (a PBS site for oldsters like me) and it got me thinking.

To be honest, Sunday evenings have, for quite some time, been the night that we go visit with Jim’s mother. Occasionally Jim goes over by himself, but I do usually go with him. During Downton time though, I have a ritual.

Now, mind you, this ritual started this season. I missed the whole first season. I didn’t want to get caught up in it as we were usually at my mother-in-law’s house when it started. The second season came along and somehow I was drawn in. I found myself catching all of season 1 on Netflix so that I could better understand what was happening as I watched season 2. I didn’t visit my mother-in-law with Jim all during season two.

Of course when season three was going to be starting, I was as excited as so many other Downton Abbey fans. And I was ready to begin my Sunday evening ritual again, except I fancied it up. I made a dessert earlier in the day, I got ready for bed, and I got two cups of tea ready so that when Jim came home from visiting his mother he could join me, if not for watching the show, then at least for dessert and a cup of tea.

I found something interesting was happening during the first couple of episodes. Jim was looking up from reading the paper or researching on the netbook to watch. Then he started asking questions about different characters and situations. I found that he was trying to make it home at the time Downton was starting and he was enjoying it with me.

So, what will I miss? Even though Jim and I are empty nesters and sit together to read or watch tv nearly every evening, Downton Abbey was something special. We prepared for it and enjoyed it together. I will miss that.

And that is why this is such a temptation that’s hard to resist (and hard to justify spending money in).

It won’t be long before season two of Call The Midwife begins. I tried to resist, but seem to have become addicted. I’m highly doubtful that I can draw Jim in though.


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