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And Now The Good Ones

A follow-up on my Tuesday post:

See! There are some good commercials (in my book anyhow):

Love this:

And this (because it makes me laugh):

And we don’t even have Geico.

A favorite (not sure why):

And (maybe because I really like to watch American Experience):

Hopefully Liberty Mutual will come up with some more commercials like these.

Proof that I don’t hate all commercials. But sometimes I do picture a bunch of ad guys (and girls) sitting around coming up with dumb ideas in the style of McMahon and Tate on my beloved Bewitched tv show.



2 thoughts on “And Now The Good Ones

  1. I took an advertising class in college (all the marketing dept offered). It’s basically picking out your target market and then figuring out what appeals to that target.
    Let’s add any of the Clydesdale commercials during the Superbowl, and I don’t like beer.

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